We’re just a couple of kinksters that happened to find each other.

We’ve been together for a few years, having met at a swing party and fell in love deeply and madly very soon afterwards.  Since then we’ve been growing and exploring each other, and other people with each other.

And then we realized we both liked BDSM.  That opened a whole new can of gummy worms worth exploring.

We had both had wanted to try power exchange, but Katie was afraid to say anything, having come from an abusive marriage with someone that used her natural tendency toward submission as a way to control her (and not in the fun, kinky way).  The relationship left her with deep anxiety and a diagnosed case of PTSD, but still a strong drive to explore power exchange.  Austin, meanwhile, wanted to explore being a Dom, loved to lead and have control, but didn’t like the way many Doms are portrayed so never took up the title.  What he saw didn’t seem to fit the way he wanted to top.

In the end we both wanted to explore our natures, and because we are aware of each other’s fears and desires, there has been lots, and LOTS of communication, which turned into some amazing, kinky experiences.  Like subspace.  And Katie naked in a corner.  And Austin getting a hands on demonstration from a master at flogging.

As we explored, we finally found a name for what we are: Daddy Dom and Baby Girl, but we do NOT engage in age play (no judgement, just not us).  When we started to learn about this dynamic, it all made sense!  A Daddy Dom is a more nurturing Dom that helps his submissive grow and develop as a person.  Austin wanted to have control and potentially discipline, but moreover he wanted to use that authority guide and nurture.  Katie wanted to sub, but never wanted to feel sub-human or just a fucktoy, having been through it in a non-consensual manner.

Thus a new set of DD/lg were born!  Austin and Katie get to be Dom and sub in ways that are safe, sane, consensual, and totally amazing and satisfying to us both.

And sometimes we switch.  Because both of ends of flogging is fun.  (And there’s nothing more arousing than a hot guy on his knees in front of you looking up at you with nothing but love and adoration.  I’m just sayin’. ~Katie)


A final note about us: BDSM isn’t the only kinky nonsense we get up to.  We occasionally swing, try out a ton of sex toys, visit our local dungeon and parties…oh, and we also practice polyamory.  Austin is married, but not to Katie.  Yes, his wife knows and has a boyfriend of her own.  No, his wife doesn’t care what we do and isn’t kinky.  Yes, we’re sure.  No, we aren’t jealous of each other.  Mostly.  We’re only human.  Yes, Katie and Austin see each other often and do have a fully functioning, (mostly) normal romantic relationship with each other.  Yes, it’s fine.

If you have any questions about us, drop us a line at kinkyKatieandAustin @ gmail dot com and we’ll be happy to answer.