Corner Time

The first time Austin had me sit in the corner as punishment within the confines of our BDSM power exchange, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt.  I had suggested it after reading about another sub, specifically another baby girl subbing to another daddy dom.  We were just starting to set up our rules, boundaries, and negotiations for our newly budding Dom/sub relationship, and among those negotiations were, of course, consequences for not acquiescing to his tasks and commands.

I can no longer remember what the infraction was, but I think it was failing to perform a task that he had given me that was meant to improve my health.  He often includes taking 2 minute breaks and daily affirmations, along with drinking more water and less coffee and sneaking some extra activity in with my tasks.  In addition to that, I do recall I had been super, incredibly, can’t keep my head on straight STRESSED.  I was a bundle of nerves and anxiety, and that only compounded the issue.

We sat on the bed, out of D/s, discussing what possible outcomes could be expected for infractions beyond impact play (flogging, spankings, etc), and that could also possibly help my stress level.

I suggested corner time.  Neither of us had experimented with it before, but why not?  Let’s give it a try.

For my first time in the corner, Austin had me kneel, facing him.  He was in full Daddy dom mode now.  There is a change in his expression, his movements.  He becomes less playful, more commanding, in control, but combined with a compassion and caring.  It’s an intoxicating mix.

He placed a bit gag in my mouth and left me kneeling there to sit on the bed, only a few feet away.  He watched me carefully for signs of this little experiment going wrong, but maintained his “I am Daddy and do as you are told” demeanor.

I wasn’t on my knees long before he started to speak.  He talked about his disappointment not in my failure to complete my tasks, but in his disappointment that I chose failure as opposed to coming to him and explaining my difficulty.  He talked about how the tasks were meant to help me and he didn’t understand why his baby girl had not come to him for help.

I started to cry behind the gag.  Slowly at first, then great big sobs.  He removed the gag to ensure I could breathe, then moved back to the bed to watch me.  Always monitoring to make sure I was OK.

Still I stayed in the corner, on my knees, hands behind my back.

After a while he asked if I was ready to come out in the corner.  I hesitated, then shook my head no.  He raised an eyebrow but said nothing.  I kept crying.

When he asked again a few minutes later, I said yes, and collapsed into his arms, a weeping, hyperventilating mess, but significantly less stressed.  I had left something behind in the corner and came out less burdened.

Austin would tell me later that watching me there was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do, that he had wanted to kneel with me, hold me, and tell me everything was fine.  “But I know you needed it,” he said.  “I know you needed this to happen.”

Afterwards we made love, and Daddy held me, loved me, and slept curled up with me.

Every time I go into the corner, I leave something behind.


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